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Early Childhood Family Education


We work to strengthen families and enhance the ability of all parents to provide the best possible environment for the healthy growth and development of their children.

Centennial Preschool


The Centennial School District provides high-quality part-day and full-day preschool experiences. All classes are taught by experienced teachers using curriculum and assessment tools approved by the State of Minnesota.


Centennial Early Childhood is committed to providing quality learning opportunities for both children and adults during this exciting time.

92% Families Positively Impacted

92% of Centennial Preschool families say preschool helped their child be prepared for kindergarten.

275 Students

We have roughly 200 students, ages 3-5, enrolled in full-day preschool and roughly 75 students, ages 3-5, enrolled in part-day preschool. 

255 Participants

Over 250 children and parents are enrolled in our Early Children Family Education (ECFE) program.

71 Parents

We have 71 parents enrolled in our free, online Parent Speaker Series. 

490 Screened

Almost 500 children are screened through the District's Early Childhood Screening program. 

Early Childhood Screening


Screening identifies children who may have health or developmental concerns and allows for appropriate assistance as early as possible. This assistance helps children get off to a good start when they enter school. Parents gain information about their child's health and overall development at screenings, in addition to available resources that help children grow.

Early Childhood Special Education


The Early Childhood Special Education program is designed to provide evaluation and educational services to qualified children from birth to kindergarten.

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